'Ebeneezer Finds A ReasoN' Is a whimsical tale about a young shrew with a terrible sneezing problem. Ebeneezer and his mother head out on a journey in search of a cure and meet many wonderful forest friends along the way. This story will delight readers from 3 - 103! Kyle Hollingsworth's beautiful illustrations are full of hidden surprises. ** The book includes a QR code to an audio recording by Maggie Wheeler, complete with original song and enchanting sound effects!! **

I am so excited that you are here to pre-order my children's book Ebeneezer Finds A Reason! I truly hope you will enjoy reading about Ebeneezer's adventures and that you will have tons of fun discovering all the many little details in the beautiful illustrations that bring Ebeneezer's colorful world to life.

Thank you for inviting Ebeneezer's little world in to your homes and hearts.

With Imagination and Love, MAGGIE

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All Vocals - Maggie Wheeler All Instrumentals - Tom Griep All Words and Music - Maggie Wheeler * I Want To Feel Joy - Words and Music Jenna Torres / Arr. Maggie Wheeler

This is a collection of songs meant for listening to but also and most importantly meant for singing. I have led each of these songs in community spaces and when I sing them I can see the faces and hear the voices of each group that has sung them with me. I hope you will carry them into your singing circles and share their stories along the way.



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Michael Row The Boat Ashore (as heard on The X-Files) / Maggie Wheeler

Over the years many have watched, listened and loved Maggie Wheeler's version of "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" on "The X Files" but were only able to hear it in the context of the episode with dialogue over the recording . Now the original track is finally available for download. What folks are saying : "The most beautiful rendition of this song I've ever heard" " Best rendition by far. Outstanding" "Beautiful song...such an amazing voice."

Walk With Me - CD  and Songbook  -CD is available for download on iTunes

*If you are interested in the Walk With Me Songbook with tracks and scores for song leaders 

and/or a hard copy of the CD  please reach out to us through Contact Page

Maggie Wheeler's  CD project " Walk With Me" is an  is an inspiring collection of original songs  for choirs and communities sung in multi - part harmony by Maggie Wheeler, with rich instrumental arrangements by Thomas Griep and percussion by Emile Hassan Dyer. Maggie has been leading communities in song for over 30 years and co-directing the Los Angeles based Golden Bridge Choir since 2005.

For song leaders and choir directors interested in recorded parts and scores for these songs there is an accompanying song book. Physical copies can be shipped in the US . There is also a digital version  now available.

Maggie says about the music she writes, "Music comes to me when I really need it, to help me through, to give me courage or comfort, to help mourn or celebrate. I hope you will take these songs with you on your journey and that they might come to you when you need them."