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MAGGIE WHEELER  brings a dynamic and transformational presentation to each event , combining her humor and storytelling with her passion for connecting communities through song. 

“I’ve spent a lifetime in choral music and heard many good speeches on the subject — but this one truly inspired me, and my students felt the same way. Maggie’s words formed the perfect kickoff for our weekend-long conference, and continue to resonate with us even now. I can’t recommend her highly enough! ” 

— Robert Isaacs Director of Choral Programs Assistant Professor Performance Choral music and vocal performance Cornell University






In February 2017, actress and musician Maggie Wheeler visited campus as a Margaret Huling Bonz Women of Distinction Speaker. Maggie was joined by her co-founder of the Golden Bridge Community Choir,  Emile Hassan Dyer. For two days, Maggie and Emile engaged the entire communiry in a series of group community sings including a special session for parents, acting and audition coaching, drumming workshops, and more.


 "Maggie Wheeler taught a brilliant workshop for me and she changed lives. Seriously. Her energy, talent and generosity are beyond compare."  

 Anna Deveare Smith – Actress , playwrite , recipient of Macarthur Fellowship 

 Maggie Wheeler and Emile Hassan Dyer create a remarkable musical space. Their optimism, skill, and gentle humanity invite the audience to fully participate in musical creation. Utilizing songs and music traditions from diverse world cultures, they weave singing, drumming, and storytelling into a powerful and incredible musical tapestry of peace, justice, and abiding joy. It is both delightful and profound. I was deeply moved by the experience. 

Allyssa A. Boyer, Saint Paul's, United Church of Christ, Mechanicsburg, PA 

Maggie and Emile ran a weekend workshop for our community . Over 100 people were entranced by the magic of learning to sing together. Over the course of two days, Maggie and Emile filled us with the joy of singing, the belief that we could each contribute no matter what our singing experience. They shared with us the power of music to bring people together. The healing benefits of the workshop went well beyond music. Maggie and Emile are leaders, motivators, and skilled communicators .  

 Ian Lawton, executive minister C3Exchange in Grand Haven MI., 

I've worked with many guest speakers / workshop leaders...and I can say that Ms. Wheeler was the most personable, most poised, professional and prepared...and frankly, the most FUN, of any other actor/singer we have ever brought in. You can tell she loves what she does, and that her passion and her desire to 'pay it forward' is ever-present and I will be forever grateful to her for her contributions to my program and the school. Maggie Wheeler's generous talents, time, care and kindness toward each and every student she worked with (in the capacity of workshop leader, or otherwise) is unmatched, and I've been facilitating Mellow Dramatist for 11 years.The school administration, faculty, parents and students alike were surprised to see someone of Ms. Wheelers status (being an iconic character actress from MANY television shows and movies) so willing to take time out of her busy schedule to speak with such frankness, passion and care with students who look up to her. The connections made during her visit were magical. Students to this day still talk about their experience having taken her workshop. Their new-found purpose to their connections to music in general, will certainly fuel their desire to perform. 

 -ERIK BALL, Head of Theatrical Arts at Faith Lutheran H.S. - Las Vegas, NV  

Maggie Wheeler has taught workshops and led choral singing at the Omega Institute for many years. Her work is nothing short of miraculous. She can take a group of people at all levels of singing ability and through the force of her infectious enthusiasm--turn them into a harmonious choir. I don't know who benefits the most--those of us who get to listen, or those in the choir who experience the creative joy of making music together. 

-Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY 

 I am the Associate Director of Performance at the School of Theatre at California School of the Arts where I teach Roy Hart Theatre based extended vocal range techniques, both to the graduate and undergraduate programs. 

 I have had the pleasure of knowing Maggie Wheeler since 2009. It is because of her love for singing, her knowledge and professionalism that I have been able to introduce Maggie and Emile and their work to my students at CalArts on multiple occasions. Their response has always been exciting and exceptional. Their voices and listening abilities have grown as a result of her classes. It is a very profound and rich experience for each of them as individuals as well as for the group.  

 Maggie's generosity in sharing her teaching, her patience and the absolute non judgmental approach she takes , makes every single participant feel totally at ease , bringing forth the best in himself/herself as well as the best in the ensemble. 

She and Emile are very unique in their art and their teaching. In the group they encourage a clear but sophisticated way of listening offering unconditional vocal permission. My personal experience as a participant in their choir is one of awe and great inspiration. The repertoire is so culturally broad and inclusive that everyone finds a way to relate . The group as a result basks in pure trust , finding the vocal confidence to express feelings and emotions that often are so deeply controlled in other singing methods and schools of thought.  

 Raphael Lopez- Barrantes  


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